Momma’s Weight Loss Plan

As a single mom of four, I was finding it hard to lose all the belly weighed gained over six years. I was 130lbs before getting pregnant with my oldest. Six years later, I was 190 lbs, and feeling like a cellulite queen. (please, no offense if you are larger). I had to do something. So I made up my mind. I was not going to let the fatigue and laziness get me down, I am beautiful, but right now my beauty is hiding.

Using this diet and exercise plan, I went from January being 190 lb’s to being 160 lbs by June. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself, you will feel great.

My diet routine:

I would start the day off waking up at 5:30 am to take a shower and then get kids ready for school. I would grab a slim fast shake (powder not premade) and off I would go walking the kids to the bus stop. Then I would return home for a 20 minute work out (see work out routine). On certain days I would also volunteer at the local pre-school were I would eat child sized servings of food along with my shake, and all the activity there would help burn off the excessive calories.

Drink one slim fast shake for breakfast with maybe some yogurt, fruit, or a muffin. Then have another shake for lunch with half a sandwich or soup. Then have a nice home cooked dinner that fills ¾ of the plate with vegetables, 1/3 with meat and another with a side.

My work out routine:

20 minutes a day I would work out, and on especially good days I would do more, but I really didn’t need to.

I would start off by stretching every muscle from head to toe. Then I would count out as many belly crunches as I could do, and then do them in three different ways. Flat on my back rolling to my knees, knees bent and on my side lifting straight up (laying completely sideways) then the same on the other side. This worked three different muscle groups in the belly.

Then I would return to my back for another exercise to work the lower belly, as well as legs. I would lay one leg flat with toes pointed up, and lift it as high as I could and lower it back down nice and slow like. I would count out 10 or more of these, and then switch to do the other side. I did this same exercise while lying on my tummy to work the buttocks.

A few other exercises included the use of a rubber tubing used for stretching and working the upper body muscles (I got it form my physical therapist). I used several different moves to work several different muscles.

First I attached the tubing to a hook in the ceiling and brought my elbows to my side, the using my lower arms pulled down on the tubes. I also did this same exercise spreading my arms out like wings and pulling down to work the sides of my chest. Then turning away from the hook, I was able to pull the tubes from behind me around my chest keeping my arms straight, this worked shoulder and chest muscles.

Another exercise which can be done no matter where you are is a wall push up, or a counter push up. I would do this while doing dishes to take a few minutes break. You lean like a board against a wall or counter and simply push your chest off the wall or counter, still leaning your entire wait against the wall or counter. This works your arms and upper chest muscles.