Doing cardio for weight loss

If you are looking to lose your weight then you can apply different techniques. However, we are going to discuss a specialized technique in this article. With the help of technique that we are going to share here you can easily lose your weight. The technique is called cardio exercise. Many doctors and physicians also recommend doing cardio exercises in order to lose weight. So, we will look into this exercise today and try to figure out how a person can lose weight with the help of cardio.

It’s been a long time since those people who are experienced in this field started claiming that cardio is the best exercise in order to lose weight at a fast pace. Although, it was considered that slow and steady cardio exercises are good for losing weight but later it was discovered that fast pace cardio exercises are more efficient in losing weight as compared to the slow ones. Many professionals also say that they have research results to prove their claim.

However, if you really want to lose weight doing cardio then you will have to make sure that you are doing it in an appropriate way. If you will not do cardio exercise properly then not only that you will fail to lose weight but you may also develop some other medical conditions as well. So, in order to make sure that you are doing cardio exercise properly and you are able to lose weight with the help of it, you should consult with an experienced professional or trainer. It is also better to consult with your doctor first before you go ahead and start doing cardio exercise for weight loss.

If you really want to succeed in losing your weight with the help of cardio exercise then you will have to make a pattern and follow it properly. Without a workout pattern, how can you expect to see results? So, if you really want to have good results and lose weight effectively with the help of cardio exercises then there is a weekly chart given in this article that can be helpful for you to make your workout plan. Once you will apply the workout plan, you will start seeing results.

Day1 = on day one, you should go at a steady rate of 70% of THR and do the exercise for 19 minutes.

Day2 = the workout interval should be of 5 to 9 minutes on this day.

Day3 = On Day three you should take some rest and do nothing.

Day4 = Day four will be day of repeating practice of Day one.

Day5 = this day will be the interval routine.

Day6 = Day six will be the rest taking day.

Day7 = Day seven will also be the rest day.

Above described routine is very helpful for everyone to lose weight at a fast pace doing cardio exercises. However, I must repeat again that you should consult with your doctor first before doing these exercises.