Advantages of Vaping and Weight Loss

Advantages of Vaping

Vaporizers and vaping pens have gained a huge popularity among the smokers. This is seen as a comparatively healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and consequently, there has been a steady rise in the supply and manufacturers of vaporizers. A major problem people who stop smoking face, is weight gain. While struggling to stop smoking cigarettes, many people find they are eating a lot more, this usually leads to weight gain. One big advantage of switching from cigarettes to vaping is that it makes stopping the cigarettes easier and therefore helps prevent weight gain as most users find they are not consuming extra food.


Alternative to tobacco

The main reason for the increasing popularity for vaping pens is the elimination of the use of tobacco. Habitual smokers often end up smoking more than one cigarette in a day and this could lead to a dangerous rate of nicotine intake. Tobacco smoke is also very injurious. It could affect both the smokers as well as the nonsmokers in a passive way. Cigarette smoke also contributes to environmental degradation whereas none of this is encountered with the use of Vaping pens. Leaving apart the smoke, tobacco is a very active carcinogen. One single cigarette contains over 4000 harmful chemicals and 43 carcinogenic compounds from arsenic to formaldehyde. If not checked, this could lead to a major degradation in health. All of these make vaping pens a much safer alternative.

Elimination of smell

vapingAnother major drawback with smoking tobacco is the nasty smell that clings on to hair and clothes. Everyone around you will immediately come to know that you have smoked, there is not getting away from it. a vaporizer, on the other hand, is completely smokeless. It does not release any smoke and smell to the environment. You will not have to use a mouth freshener or go wash your hand after every smoke. The elimination of all this hustle makes e-cigarette more convenient. Apart from smokeless and odorless, vaporizers also do not stain the teeth and fingers. Since there is no burning involved, you will also prevent the risk of burning yourself.

Variety in the choice of flavors

Vaporizers use a liquid vape, which comes in a number of different strength, flavors, and mixture ratios. There is a pick to satisfy the taste of every vaper. The smokers may go for regular cigarette flavor or use the innovative fruit flavors. Since the liquid vape is also available in every cigarette flavor, the smokers can continue with their regular options, for example, a menthol smoker can stick with menthol without facing any inconvenience. A bonus point is the Vaping south africa which comes in specially designed packages and includes an interesting combination of flavors. These can also be custom made according to the preference of the smoker.